Beats Music

Beats Music is a subscription- based online music streaming service created under the Beats by Dre umbrella. They combine algorithm-based personalization with expert music suggestions from a variety of sources including artists, music experts, and their in-house Editorial team. The service launched in the US on January 21, 2014 – the same day I was brought on board.

Introduced to Beats Music by my friends at R/GA, I came in to support the VIP & Community team during the service launch. I was tasked with a few different things:

  • Help translate and extend the brand strategy into digital

  • Create guidelines for both proactive & reactive engagement on social media

  • Define processes for customer support on digital, including reporting user feedback

  • And implement a standard for ongoing strategy development

This also included helping to hire and train a team of Community Managers and supporting them through 2 of the service’s biggest pushes – The Grammy’s and The Super Bowl.

The result of my work helped shape the brand’s voice and introduced crucial processes for User Experience that still exist today. On May 28, 2014, shortly after my engagement with Beats Music came to a close, Apple Inc. announced it was buying both Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion.


AdWeek: Beats Music Uses Sound Headphone Marketing Strategies

Thank you to Trent Ostrander for seeing a need & bringing me on board, and to Zoë Gholson & the entire team at Beats Music for opening your arms to me as a member of the “Beats fam”!