DIY Strategy Workbook


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I've been running strategy workshops with agencies & brands for MANY MOONS.

From my experience, there is no better way to get consensus and buy-in on concepts, work through sticky problems, and plan out a future creative vision than getting everyone in the room for an ideation session. And clients like Beats by Dre, UPS, FLOR, and Cinnabon agree.

But unfortunately I can only be in one place at a time. And not everyone can bring me in to rally their team.

That's why I looked back at all of the sprints, leadership off-sites, and team brainstorms, and distilled them down into the key activities that every marketer, strategist, and creative lead needs to capture BIG ideas and start turning them into an action plan.


The DIY Strategy Workbook is 14 pages of example strategies, brand building and roadmapping activities, and worksheets to get you out from behind your monitor and into your flow state.

It is designed to get you on a strategic path forward for things such as new year planning, initiative prioritization, or concepting new products and services.

I believe with my whole heart that strategy is not something anyone can do for you, but rather something that needs to be drawn out of you. You have the all of the knowledge you need to D.I.Y.

So hit print, put on some headphones, and let this workbook be your guide. Together we can make planning fun again.

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