Flipping the Script


Facilitated a strategy session in San Diego this weekend with 2 co-founders in the health tech space.

In the world of woo woo and manifestation, there's this concept of “expanders” — people that you can look to to expand your perception of what’s possible. I brought in 3 “expanders” over the course of the weekend to lead activities that challenged our ideas and opened us up to new visions of the future. [Pictured here: Brogan Graham, co-founder of November Project]

Inspiration doesn't live on a white board or sticky notes. We shove people in conference rooms to “workshop” for days on end and load them up with crappy food and then expect them to have answers. It's no wonder we all feel like we're on a hamster wheel.

Deep work needs space and stimulation and movement. To think outside of the box, you need to first GO outside of the box.

I'm going there regardless - give me a shout if you’re coming with.

Kaitlin Maud