Getting Back in the Saddle

I Am Deliberate And Afraid of Nothing

After ✌️ years of putting my consulting work on the back burner in favor of some needed consistency & stability for 👶🏼LG, I am so happy to be back in the saddle.
Officially 3️⃣ days in and I am already booked for an agency engagement in Boston, a client workshop in San Diego, and am in the planning phases for other projects - some new faces and others I haven’t worked with in more than 5 years who were thrilled to reconnect.
As a strategist I thrive when I have time and space to observe & plan & think & read & write & listen. When I can work where and when I’m most comfortable and productive. When I have clients who respect me and value my point of view. When I am able to offer options and solutions and approaches that I know will best meet their needs.
I don’t claim to be an expert on business. I never took a business class in my life. But I know that integrity is virtually absent from the current agency model. I care. A LOT. And the “system” doesn’t reward that. But the consulting practice I’ve created does. Because my clients get my most valuable asset — my attention — and they get results. They get results and I stay happy. And booked. Sound simple? It should always be that way if you ask me. ✨

Kaitlin Maud