Monday night, I was fortunate enough to attend Mass Talent event at Hill Holliday. Small Army New Business Coordinator, Kelsey Graham, sat on a panel of 9 young professionals to speak on the growing role of digital media in the workplace. Joined by representatives from Zipcar, SCVNGR, Allen & Gerritsen, (and more! largest panel ever!) the panel fielded questions from a group of 50 Boston-area students, many of whom are pursuing a career in advertising.

Because we are so 21st century here at Small Army, we participated in the live-tweet of the event and saved a few of our favorite “nuggets of wisdom” to share with you all.

(Note: These tweets are better enjoyed while listening to the above recording of “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles- now available on iTunes!)

  • “Communication in the future is going to become hyper-local.” Love it! @sammparkman

  • As you start to engage with people in conversations, the audience BECOMES your brand advocates @tina_yip

  • “For a brand to be conversational, there needs to be things to talk about” @ehealy88

  • “Be human” when you are trying to connect with people online. You don’t want to be just a brand logo @tina_yip

  • We believe in steps – “crawl, walk, run” RT @ERICsansK @SmallArmyAgency how do u build trust w clients abt SoMe & its value? @SmallArmyAgency

  • “Regular resumes and social media resumes go hand in hand.” Kickin’ it old school still holds a lot of weight. @stingrayfuse

  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your resume + online presence! “Be interesting, be different” @tina_yip

  • Know what kind of company culture is a fit for you. Do your research and visit those companies! @tina_yip

  • #masstalent says passion is critical for small or big companies. Prove it and you’ll succeed. Long hours can’t phase you! @milesbranman

  • If you like what you are doing, you won’t notice how many hours you are working #masstalent @RSprung

  • Sound advice from @kelseylgraham: Personality fit is important. Find out the culture & pursue employment somewhere that fits you #masstalent @SmallArmyAgency

  • #masstalent “brands that are testing location based services are doing it right” @ericleist @eacohn
    We are the FB, Twitter, blog, and LBS generation. We are the Social Generation. We are the Overshare generation. @Mister_Wang

  • RT @stingrayfuse: “You don’t have to blog, but you should have an opinion” – @lauranelson @SmallArmyAgency

  • Networknetworknetwork. It’s the best way to figure out what you want to do & get connections to get internships and experience. @stingrayfuse

  • Dont forget the “social” in social media @zipcar @IBerzon

  • Approach your job search with a strategy. @amandajcorreia

  • SCVNGR: embrace the new, but don’t reject the old. Traditional principles still have value today @Mister_Wang

  • New biz coordinator @kelseylgraham leaves #MassTalent with this tip: Dont stop learning. Set up your @google Reader now! @SmallArmyAgency


*this post originally appeared on Through the Ears of an Entrepreneur

Kaitlin Maud