What could you accomplish if you were more inspired by and engaged in your work?

Sometimes fresh ideas and energy are hard to come by (even when you're at the top of your game). The pressure gets to be too much and you just want to disconnect. Turn off.

You feel lost and you want someone who just gets it to listen and help you work through all of the BS.

That's where I come in.

I work with creative professionals (like you) who are stuck. My work has come out of years of collaborating with some of the most recognized brand executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and designers from companies like Beats by Dre, Adobe, TOMS, and Taco Bell on diverse array of strategy initiatives.

I really, really get what you're up against when it comes to balancing work & life and I know how to help change things up for you (in a good way) with what precious little time you have available.

Clients I have worked with have:

  • Needed direction & support during a career or life change (ex. transitioning from agency to client-side work, launching a freelance practice)

  • Encountered a business roadblock and didn’t know how to navigate around it (ex. issues scoping a piece of work or solving a tricky client problem)

  • Needed fresh ideas or an outside perspective (ex. new revenue streams, inspiration for a big project)

  • Felt overwhelmed in work and life and just didn't know where to start making it better (ex. work/life management)

I help make sense of the issues and we come up with a plan to tackle them together. Step by step. Think: business strategy, but for your life.

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So what is it exactly that you will get if you work with me? Much like I would approach a consulting project or an engagement with a brand, we'll first get clear on what it is that you're up against, and then define your goals for the future. I'll propose an approach for tackling the problem and our work together from there could look like combination of one-on-one chats and collaborative exercises to uncover insights and lead to different ways of thinking & working. Or maybe you'll join one of my workshop groups.

I'm here to help open up your mind to new possibilities and inspiration while giving you the energy to implement change. 

Engagements typically last for 12 weeks and are priced per session or as a package depending on your needs.

Clients I have worked with have walked away with:

  • Tools & tricks to jump start creative thinking

  • Go-to resources & exercises for inspiration

  • More energy & excitement about the future

  • New perspectives on their work

  • A feeling of balance and control in their life

Let's talk more about how I can help you - send me a message here.

I feel fortunate to have worked with some amazingly talented people. Here's what a couple of them had to say about my coaching.

"I came to Kaitlin because I was stuck. Her questions were both poignant and straightforward, and the answers struck me… I feel confident in my message now, because I know it’s evidence-based and speaks to what clients truly care about.”

- Liz Abbate; Founder, Someone Creative

 "She was incredibly encouraging to work with, but I got much more than I ever could have imagined out of the experience. She helped me use my past accomplishments and experience to build and develop a personal brand and figure out strategic ways that I can go about using what we’ve created in an actionable way... She helped me rethink the way that I talk about myself and tell my own story. I'm beyond thrilled with the results that I got working with Kait. I recommend her to someone who's looking to either make a transition into a new field or simply trying to further their own career and establish a brand for themselves regardless of industry."

- Graham Spector, Digital Program Manager & Owner of Kayfabe Brewing 

"There has been a market for life/business coaching for decades, and having a niche in helping creative professionals is a market that needs a qualified candidate to make an impact. That person is Kaitlin."

- Adam Blye, Founder / Host of Mutiny on the Microphone



Get back in the game.

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