Pay What You Want Session

Want to "pick my brain"?

If you aren't ready to commit to a coaching engagement right away but want to get some quick advice, I offer a one-time Pay What You Want session. You choose a 40min block and pay whatever you think it's worth. It's that simple!

We can chat about:

  • Career Change or Transitioning to Freelance

  • Business Idea Generation

  • Strategy

  • Cultural Trends

  • Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Coaching

  • Wellness, Self-Care, and Work/Life Management

Who can book a Pay What You Want session?

PWYW is something I offer people interested in trying out coaching and therefore is not available for my current or previous clients.

Why should I book a Pay What You Want session?

It's a great way to find out if coaching is right for you! It's also a good fit for those who need just a bit of guidance to get them going or to hold them over until they can afford a more comprehensive coaching plan.

What should I pay?

Totally up to you! How much do you feel like advice on this particular subject would be worth to you? For reference, my standard consulting rate is $150/hr.

Can I pay you $0?

Sure! But if you don't think my time is worth anything, I have to wonder why you would want to work with me.

Book Your Session

Click the button above & enter the amount you're paying for our time together when prompted. Once complete, you'll receive a link from me via email to schedule your appointment!